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But the senior officer was subjected to a torrent of further abuse on the 6.43pm Charing Cross to Darford service, on October 21, last year.

due to face trial Coleman owned up.

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But it turned out he worked in the capital. A Metropolitan Police officer recognised Coleman, who is originally from Southmead in Bristol, as


Unfortunately for the 28 year old, one of the passengers in the same carriage was City of London Police Commissioner Mike Bowron, who was also on his way to the evening match in south east London.

A Hounslow detective facing the sack after chanting obscene football songs on a packed train later posted a photo of himself posing in a carriage and called it "Ain't Misbehaving".

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Colleagues of Coleman have reportedly said he was greatly embarrassed by the case. One said: "From what I can gather, he had no idea that the officer on the train was such a high rankingScotland Yard confirmed Coleman is on restricted duties and will face internal disciplinary proceedings.

He quickly produced his identification telling the rowdy mob to tone down their foul language.

And just days after he owned New Balance Retro Shoes

It was only when one of the mob told Commissioner Bowron his abuser was a police officer that the 51 year old became so incensed he decided to take further action and reported the incident toBTP officers seized CCTV images of the suspects and circulated them to other forces. A special appeal was also made in the Bristol area, where it was thought the policeman could be based.

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He was handed a 300 fine and ordered to pay 100 in New Balance Turf Shoes 4040v3

A spokesman from Westminster Magistrates' confirmed Coleman initially denied the charges until April 21 when he entered a guilty plea.

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The whistleblower contacted BTP, naming Coleman, who lists watching Bristol City as his favourite activity on social networking site Facebook, and The Bill as one of his top TV shows, as one of theColeman was charged with disorderly behaviour causing harassment, alarm and distress after being picked out of CCTV footage by Mr Bowron. He initially denied the charges but a month before he was

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The City of London Police Commissioner's office confirmed the commissioner intervened when a group of Bristol City fans were acting abusively on a train.

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´╗┐Hounslow detective posted pic on Facebook posing on a train From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Coleman was among a group of rowdy Bristol City fans who yelled offensive songs New Balance Spikes Track on his way to a Bristol City match, leaving passengers intimidated and distressed.

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Just months after his disorderly behaviour, James Coleman posted a snap of himself on the internet posing quietly in a South West Trains carriage.

detective constable in Hounslow.

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up to the incident, he wrote on social networking site Facebook: "There is so much destruction in the world, how can people complain about me!"

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