New Balance 610 Steel Toe

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

The car will be featured in the Specialty Equipment Market New Balance 610

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

"It's an example of Saskatchewan ingenuity, team building and community spirit. We get to showcase what we can do in Saskatchewan on the world wide stage.".

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

Children's Hospital Foundation president Brynn Boback Lane speaks at the New Balance Horween

"We've built a world class hot rod here" Wyant said. The car, called Snakebit was officially unveiled at the World Automotive Press in Las Vegas on Tuesday, by Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

WD unveiled a custom car donation for the foundation. The Ford F 100 and Cobra cross roared to life in a Saskatoon airport hanger on October 30.

All the proceeds from the auction will go to the Children's Hospital Foundation to pay for the facility set to break ground next year.

The Saskatoon Children's Hospital Foundation got a jump start with a one of a kind donation from Wheels of Dreams (WD).

´╗┐Hospital Foundation hot rod donation

Wheels of Dreams hot rod unveiling on Oct. 30, 2013. Lasia Kretzel/News Talk Radio

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

"(IMM and FDS) really came together along with the community to build a truck from the ground up, which is very similar to building the Children's Hospital," foundation president Brynn Boback Lane said.

Association car show and auctioned off at the Barrett Jackson car auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., in January.

IMM president Tom Foster said his young daughter's experience with the health care system left him wanting to do something. She was one of the inspirations for the build.

"Every person that has had a hand in building this truck has had a family, a child that they know of, that has been affected by health care. So this truck was built New Balance Pink And Blue Shoes

Decked out in shades of grey, the hybrid took three years, 2,000 man hours and $300,000 to build. WD spokesman Vaughn Wyant said it was well worth it.

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

with a lot of love in mind just like our Children's Hospital is being built."

The car was built by Industrial Machine Manufacturing (IMM) New Balance 610 Steel Toe in partnership with Ford Dealers of Saskatchewan (FDS) with parts sourced from local manufacturers and retailers.

New Balance 610 Steel Toe

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