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The hospital also faces a shortage of beds and a high number of patients are on alternate level of care (ALC), resulting in cancelled surgeries and long wait times.

The northern travel grant helps defray costs, but that doesn't allay problems with a higher number of sick days that must be taken, and the drop in productivity northern cities experience as a result.

An 85 year old woman ended up in such a room after a New Balance All Black Womens

´╗┐Hospital crisis in North must be dealt with

High level acute care cases in the ER comprise roughly 70% of patients, versus 30% to 40% elsewhere. "We see a sicker population," Caruso said. "And unfortunately, they wait longer."

As a cost cutting measure, the new 429 bed hospital has dozens fewer beds than was originally planned. But that would be fine, said the province, as long as there are no ALC patients in the hospital. (Most ALC patients could live elsewhere in the community, if supportive services were available.)

Blue New Balance Women's

Blue New Balance Women's

Blue New Balance Women's

There's more. A physician shortage means 13% of the population doesn't have access to a family doctor. Registered nurses at the hospital have placed a "censure" label on it (meaning they tell nurses and nursing students that Sudbury Regional is not a desirable place to work), and for certain kinds of surgeries here, sit tight you could be looking at a long wait.

The province must take a comprehensive look at northern health care and its unique problems. Failing that, the 750,000 people who live here face a permanent health care crisis with the solution too often being head south.

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Health care systems throughout the province have their problems, but they are exacerbated in the North. There is no "down the road" support from nearby cities. The result, especially for surgical procedures, is a steady steam of patients heading down highways 69 or 11 to Toronto, where wait times are less.

36 hour wait in the emergency department.

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That support was eventually provided from as far as 700 km away in Toronto.

In April, right after Sudbury's new hospital opened, it was already so crowded that patients were housed on stretchers in utility rooms.

Sudbury has been in a "crisis" designation for ALC patients for more than five years. At first, they were transferred to facilities hours away, but that practice was stopped after families complained they couldn't visit their loved ones.

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if they didn't get more specialist support.

Timmins and North Bay have also seen their share of crises over the last few years.

Blue New Balance Women's

Blue New Balance Women's

Blue New Balance Women's

Sudbury's hospital is a regional referral centre and a teaching facility. It also experiences what Dr. Andrew Caruso, the hospital ER's medical director, called an "inverted pyramid" of acute care cases Blue New Balance Women's compared to the rest of the province.

few years. In 2008, ER physicians in Sault Ste. Marie threatened to withdraw from their contract with the province New Balance Metal Cleats Gold

But if patients later develop complications, they're likely to be sent back down the highway to see the original doctor.

Around the time of the Londoner's kidney stone, there were 90 ALC patients in the hospital.

Blue New Balance Women's

In fact, the entire North has faced crisis situations over the last New Balance Vazee Summit Review

Blue New Balance Women's

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